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An Afternoon With The Future of Print

On June 2nd, we brought a team of upcoming seniors from the Cat North VoTech printing class and introduced them to the printing team at Ironmark. This was quite the field trip!


Huge thanks must go out to Ironmark for bringing us in and sharing the ins and outs of the  Ironmark facility with the students from Cat North. But what the students really took home was the ability to hear how the Ironmark team members found their way into the world of print. These career stories were invaluable to the students. 


It was so great to hear that many from the Ironmark team have strong roots in the world of printing.  Their knowledge, coupled with their enthusiasm for our industry, was a great influence on these students who see a real future in print. 


In the photo, the students got a chance to  visit with Chuck Jones in the Mail Department of ironmark. Chuck is a graduate of Cat North and has built a great career in printing over the years. 


Thank you again to Ironmark for letting us stop by!


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