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How Printing Specialist Engages the Community

For 50 years, Printing Specialist has made workforce development a key part of the company’s mission.


Printing Specialist Team Member Lynda Kroh serves on the Graphic Design & Print Media Technology Program Advisory Committee. This commitment has seen a ton of success through the initiatives it has enacted. She also assists with the CAT-North Mock Interviews. In addition, Lynda has been integral in bringing in vocational students and young professionals to develop workforce transition and job success.


Currently, Printing Specialist is partnering with the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corp to secure funds for training programs and trade certifications.


All this shows how Printing Specialist sets itself apart as a fixture of the community and ensures students get the education and training they need to succeed in the world of printing.


For more information on Printing Specialist’s workforce engagement efforts, and how you can get involved, reach out to Lynda Kroh today.

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