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Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

For Printing Specialist, it has always been our mission to prepare the future print leaders of tomorrow with the skills they need to succeed.

For us, it’s so important that we share our plant for learning. We have always opened our doors for students to use our equipment to learn and train for SkillsUSA competitions. In fact, it was all the way back in 2008 that we started taking part in and hosting the SkillsUSA competitions.   

We hired our first CATN student in 1976 and since then, have employed over 50 vocational students to date. Team member Gary Habicht has served on the CATN Board since the early 1980s.

Take a look at some of our past photos that show how Printing Specialist is a welcoming environment for all students to learn the print industry first-hand. If you’re looking to learn more about a career in printing, call us today and let’s chat!



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